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TradeLens is now available to our customers, which is an open and neutral supply chain platform underpinned by blockchain technology, supported by major players across the global shipping industry.

With TradeLens, the data and document workflows that accompany shipments are collaborative, directly from the source - and accessible in real time.

Your Benefits with TradeLens

Connecting the ecosystem

TradeLens brings together all parties in the supply chain – including beneficial cargo owners, freight forwarders, inland transportation providers including rail and trucking, ports and terminals, ocean carriers, customs and other government authorities – onto a single, secure data-sharing and collaboration platform.

Foster collaboration and trust

TradeLens enables the digitization and automation of cross-organizational business processes integral to global trade, while – thanks to blockchain –ensuring critical transaction information is secure, immutable and auditable.

Driving true information sharing

TradeLens provides seamless, secure sharing of real-time, actionable supply chain information across all parties – encompassing shipping milestones, cargo details, trade documents, sensor readings and more – thereby empowering the consumers to mitigate problems through predictability and exception handling.

Spur innovation

TradeLens lays the foundation for ongoing improvement and innovation through an open API environment, the use of standards and promotion of interoperability. The TradeLens Marketplace will allow third parties to build and deploy applications on the TradeLens platform.

You can check our TradeLens flyer for a summary of the product.


Powered by IBM Cloud and IBM Blockchain, the TradeLens Platform provides every entry entity involved in global trade with the digital tools to share information and collaboration securely.

Our Partner
TradeLens was developed in collaboration between GTD Solution and IBM, supported by major players across the industry. The platform promotes the efficient, transparent and secure exchange of information in order to foster greater collaboration and trust across the global supply chain.


For more information on TradeLens, click here.




As a Foundation Carrier of TradeLens, ONE would like to give our customers the opportunity to register with TradeLens directly, and to have any questions answered.

Please click the link below to provide basic information regarding your organization and a TradeLens representative will be in touch with you right away.

For registration on TradeLens, click here.



Q: How does TradeLens address potential or existing ‘gaps’ in information across the Supply Chain? 


  • Data Quality Improvements
  • 120 shipment event types, communicated directly from the source (including planned, estimated, and actual transport events)

Q: How does TradeLens guarantee integrity of data and documents (for document sharing)?


  • Through the encryption technology associated with the Blockchain platform.

Q: How does TradeLens assist with multiple/various notifications and alerts across a diverse and evolving group of supply chain partners?


  • Ability to provide a single ‘milestone’ to all ‘permissioned’ parties, at the same time.

Q: Currently, my company communicates and interacts with our supply chain ecosystem through emails, phone, or online chat. Unfortunately we are sometimes waiting for responses on critical issues. How can TradeLens assist?


  • TradeLens can offer both ‘one-to-many’ and ‘many-to-many’ information sharing structures, with permissioned parties available.

Q: My company has specific documentation that accompanies shipments, e.g. certificates of origin, vet certs, letters of authenticity. We often require the ability to manipulate documents and we require strict authenticity control. We also have concerns around compliance auditing. How would TradeLens' document-sharing capabilities assist? 


  • Blockchain affords the immutability and authenticity of documents.

Q: My company is often using data sets extracted from documents for other transportation processes up and downstream in the supply chain. This usually requires manual rekeying of information from documents into systems, and/or collating document sets from multiple parties into a single document 'pack'. How can TradeLens assist in this regard?


  • The data within the documents, built to industry standards, can be readily located, analyzed and interpreted.

Q: My company has seen numerous changes in sourcing patterns, due to government regulations, tariffs, etc. This creates a need to change to new suppliers, transportation partners, locations, etc. How can TradeLens assist with these changes?


  • Flexibility of connecting to new partners in new markets from a platform business model.

Q: How can TradeLens assist a customer who currently communicates across their Supply Chain using multiple 3rd-Party feeds?


  • TradeLens provides the ability to bring the entire supply chain ‘ecosystem’ to the TradeLens platform via the Client Partner model

Q: How can TradeLens helps to address information ‘silo’s’ (where information-sharing is restricted and manual tasks may be required to pass information between parties) ?


  • Information is shared immediately to all permissioned parties, simultaneously.

Q: How does TradeLens assist with the need for various Dashboards and customized reports?


  • Through the use of multiple data sets to create flexible, intuitive Dashboards.

Q: Currently, document -sharing is done across my supply chain ecosystem through emails, unstructured document sharing/storage. What are the benefits of TradeLens' document-sharing capabilities?


  • TradeLens supports secure collaboration and document sharing across supply-chain partners using blockchain-enabled version control.
  • Immediate sharing once on the TradeLens platform. Ability of many to many sharing with speed based on data permissioning structures.

Q: My company outsources compliance controls to 3rd-parties (FFW/3PIs). We often require the ability to manipulate documents and we require strict authenticity control. We also have concerns around compliance auditing. How would TradeLens' document-sharing capabilities assist? 


  • Each time a document is amended and published, a new version of the document is created. With blockchain, a digital audit trail of changes is dynamically maintained for compliance management.

Q: What is the greatest benefit to a Tradelens customer who is managing their Supply Chain visibility using 'in-house' systems that are fed by 3rd-Parties?


  • Data direct from the source.

Q: There is definite need for early, reliable alerting of exceptions (Notifications). How does TradeLens assist customers in decision-making process when faced with these exceptions?


  • Speed of APIs, earlier decision making ability based upon more timely and accurate data.

If you would like to learn more about TradeLens, please check out the Solution Brief.