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Egypt Advance Cargo Information (ACI) and new Customs law #207/2020

Dear Valued ONE Customers,

In accordance with the new Egyptian Customs law #207/2020 effective as of November 2020, and its following related Decree, Advance Cargo information (ACI) will be strictly mandatory for All Egypt Import shipment as of 1st July 2021 (ETA at Port of Loading).

Advance Cargo information (ACI) is a new customs system that requires cargo data and documents (Commercial invoice, Packing list, Bills of Lading and Cargo Manifest) at latest until 48 hours before the vessel departure from the Loading port. 

Under the ACI system, a unique number called ACID number (Advance Cargo information Declaration) to be issued for each shipment. ACID will be issued for each ACI request (maximum within 48 hours from request submission) by Egyptian customs portal -

It is a Shippers responsibility to submit following data elements to the shipping line booking office to comply with ACI requirement.

  • ACID Number: A 19 digits number uniquely identifying the ACI shipment. 3 months valid after its issuance.                            *Example: 4988470982020120017
  • Shipper – Exporter Registration Number:

          A 17 alphanumeric string containing 3 segments:
          * Two letter country code (ISO-3166-1) representing the country where the exporter (Shipper) is registered.
          * Two digits identifying the type of registration number (01- Company Registry 02- VAT)
          * The Exporter registration number issued by the relevant authority.

                      *Example: US-02-12083143645 (A US based exporter VAT number)

  •  Consignee – Egyptian Importer VAT Number:

           A 9 digits number issued by the Egyptian Tax Authority uniquely identifying all companies registered in Egypt.
                      *Example: 498847098

ACID# is required for all inbound shipment to destination country Egypt, but also the following condition, ACI requirement is applicable.

1) In-transit by road to neighbouring countries via Port of discharge Egypt
2) International transhipment at multiple Egyptian terminals (in case shunting between the discharge and load terminals is required)

ACID# is NOT required for following condition:
1) International transhipment – both discharge and load- is done at 1 single Egyptian terminal
2) Personal effect shipment
3) Ministry of Défense in Egypt is the Consignee

The full implementation of ACI is as of 1st July 2021(ETA at Port of Loading). Without valid  ACID#, ONE will strictly refrain from loading any shipment planned to be destined to Egypt due to the regulation.

The exporter is obliged:
1) Mention ACID#, Importer VAT number, Exporter Registration number in Packing list, commercial invoice
2) To provide ACID#, Importer VAT number, Exporter Registration number to the ONE
booking office at the time of Booking as much as possible and at latest in Shipping Instruction.

When those data elements are not provided in Shipping Instruction by its documentation cut off
time, ONE will roll over your container to the next available vessel and the cost is at the Exporter.

For further information on Egypt ACI, please check the link below:


In regard to the new customs law # 207/2020, ONE is obliged to complete all manifest by:
   * 48 hours prior to ETA in Egypt – Short shipment
(less than 3 days voyage from Origin to Egypt)
   * 72 hours prior to ETA in Egypt – Other shipment

Any costs associated with manifest correction after the given deadline, among others but not
limited to customs penalties, change of destination and admin fees will be for the Exporter’s account.

Should you need a manifest correction or COD after the above deadline, please consult with
your local ONE booking offices.

*Please note that the details of the new surcharge to cover manifest submission costs will
follow separately.


Thank you very much for your understanding.

Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.


To download the PDF file, please click here.