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General Average declared for AL5 NYK Delphinus 0086W/E

Dear Valued ONE Customer,

General Average declared for NYK Delphinus 0086W/E

On May 14, 2021, NYK Delphinus experienced a fire in engine room prior her arrival in Oakland, CA.
Salvage services were requested by the Owners, and the fire was swiftly brought under control and has been extinguished.

Now, General Average* is formally declared by the Owners of the vessel NYK Delphinus 0086W/E in the AL5 service string on May 27, 2021.

In conjunction with the declaration of General Average, the Owners have appointed OCEANA Marine Claims & Adjusting and Marine Adjusting Solutions Inc as the Average Adjusters. The appointed Average Adjusters will be responsible for coordinating the collection of General Average securities and all documentation required from parties with interest in cargo onboard, containers, vessel, and vessel fuel. Cargo interests (or their insurance companies) is required to contact the appointed Average Adjusters directly to resume transit or delivery. Irrespective of whether your cargo is insured or otherwise, only the appointed Average Adjusters will be in a position to guide you with respect to the provision of the required General Average security. Additionally, more information will be provided subsequently regarding what documents will be required by the appointed Average
Adjusters, once that information is available.

The contact details of the appointed Average Adjusters are as follows:

OCEANA Marine Claims & Adjusting and Marine Adjusting Solutions Inc
Contact : Pippi G. Drakatou
Email : [email protected]

Contact: David Clancey
Email : [email protected]

Contact: Martin Gray
Email: [email protected]

(*) General Average is declared when an extraordinary and severe event occurs that threatens the safety of a vessel and its cargo. General Average allows the costs to preserve a vessel and its cargo in such extreme circumstances to be shared among the shipowner, container, and cargo interests saved. This means that prior to cargo being released, all cargo interests will be required to contribute to the General Average and Salvage Security as mandatory. Regardless of the ultimate disposition of the cargo, cargo interests remain fully responsible and will be liable for all costs and charges associated with their cargo, such as freight, demurrage, General Average Security, and Salvage Security.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales account representative for additional information.

Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.

To download the PDF file, please click here.