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ONE East Asia started operations in April 2018 with the goal of providing our customers with a good shipping experience and timely support, grounded in an understanding of local markets. Adding value for customers was especially important to us during the last 3 years because we had to navigate through many changes and unprecedented measures brought about by the pandemic with agility and adaptability.

Navigating Through a Crisis with a Cross-Functional Task Force

During that time, the regional East Asia office and local teams worked together to ensure that service remained uninterrupted, minimising the impact on customers caused by pandemic-related measures. To do this, a crisis management taskforce was formed quickly in early 2020. The task force consisted of staff from various departments across the region and local districts. This cross-functional collaboration enabled timely status updates and reviews of market situations to implement the most appropriate countermeasures for continued operational feasibility and cargo delivery. 

Connecting in Fresh Ways Through Digitalisation

In the “new normal” brought about by the pandemic, we explored new promotional initiatives and enhanced our customer communications through webcast events that introduced ONE new services and eCommerce platform. Webcasts were carried out live through an online platform, which allowed us to connect with a wider audience, extending our reach beyond geographical restrictions. 

Since then, as a result of the promotion of digitalisation across various channels, over 90% of our customers in the East Asia region now use the ONE eCommerce platform to obtain real-time quotations, make instant bookings, do SI & VGM submissions and check their cargo status.

Quickly Adapting to New Routines

During the successive outbreak of pandemic in various countries and districts, ONE East Asia responded quickly by arranging for staff to transit from office work to working from home smoothly. Timely support was provided to our staff through the use of instant chat and group hotlines, which allowed them to continue providing reliable and uninterrupted service to our customers.

Louis Tang, Regional Head of ONE East Asia, said, “Through the years, ensuring that our teams are agile and adaptable has been a key area of focus as this sets the foundation for us to respond to changes in a timely and relevant fashion. Moving forward, we will continue to pursue this spirit of adaptability through training staff in change management and encouraging innovation in the workplace. Through close collaboration and teamwork, we will take ONE to greater heights.”