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ONE’s eBL is now available to our customers, another product in our array of solutions which focuses on digital commerce and paperless trade.

With our electronic BL issuance and process flow, we will deliver increased security, savings and streamlining of procedures across the supply chain partners in the documentation chain.

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  • Paperless process and less manual handing
  • Online platform available for seamless access
  • Simplified document chain with streamlined approach


  • BL available to our customers within minutes
  • Faster document chain, within days
  • Enables faster document verification for issuance, endorsement and surrender


  • Mitigated risk of document fraud or loss
  • BL encrypted by blockchain technology
  • Secure environment with backend contact verification

ONE eBL is a simple, swift and secure way of issuing, transfer and sign bills of lading and other trade documents electronically across partners in the supply chain. This provides cost benefits such as elimination of courier costs and reduction of paper administration costs such as storage and handling. Moreover, the reduction of process lead times leads to opportunities of increased staff efficiency and optimized process and legal compliance. The blockchain-backed platform enables state-of-the-art transfer and security protocol ensuring that all documents and transactions are protected against fraud, theft and loss.

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You can check our eBL one-pager for an easy to share summary of the product.


ONE eBL product covers the document issuance, transfer and signature of electronic documents throughout the document chain lifecycle. It enables our customers and partners to access and handle information in a paperless environment for optimized processes and faster benefits realization.

Our Partners

Wave BL provides a leading digital courier solution generating opportunities for optimized and automated documentation flow. The expanding network covers all players in the supply chain enabling a scalable solution to our customers.


For more information on Wave BL, click here.







ONE eBL is provided in partnership with partner platforms - you may register via the form below. The platform provider will contact you to onboard you into the platform and address any queries. Upon confirmation, our eBL team will contact you to set up the connection to use the product.

If you are already registered with the platform or if you have any other inquiries about ONE eBL, you can contact your local office.

For further details pertaining to data handling, please refer to ONE's privacy policy.


What are the main benefits of eBL?

  • Immediate document availability within a secure environment
  • Reduce risks of theft/fraud and costs to transport paper OBLs
  • Potential for automating the full documentation chain (auto issuance/release, immediate payment release, etc)

What is required from Customs for eBL?

Countries need to adopt UNCITRAL MLETR (incorporation in local legislation).

As a stop-gap solution eBL solution providers have rulebooks or bylaws that they ask all parties to sign. They are in essence a mutual agreement to treat an eBL equivalently to a paper document.

How does the eBL process impact customs submission?

Customs Manifest is still being done as usual, adopting eBL does not change that. So for any countries that physical B/L are not required to be presented, the bylaws of the platform are enough to implement the solution.

What are the main obstacles of eBL?

  • No interconnectivity across platforms
  • All parties must be part of the same platform (if not, switch to paper)
  • Customs not ready/accepting eBL

Difference between eBL and Sea Waybill?

While a Sea Waybill has no commercial value, an eB/L is exactly as a master B/L - it is negotiable / endorsable and acts as a title of ownership.

Chances are that seaway bills (current around 50% of bills are SWB) might be no longer needed with eBL fully rolled-out.

Is a scanned copy of a BL an eBL?

A scanned copy is not an eB/L. An eB/L requires:

  • Confirmation of title of ownership (including ability for electronic endorsement)
  • Unique copy (only exists in electronic format)

Moving from PDF into fully replacing the BL document for structured data.

If you would like to learn more about ONE eBL, please check our Starter Pack.