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EC5 Yantian Express v108e - General Average Information

Dear Valued ONE Customer,


General Average declared for Yantian Express


Further to our Customer Advisory dated January 25, 2019 regarding the container fire on board MV “Yantian Express”, we wish to inform you that following declaration of General Average (as attached), Richards Hogg Lindley, General Average and Salvage Adjusters have been appointed as collecting agents to prepare the General Average and Salvage adjustment and to collect General Average and Salvage security from each of the parties concerned in the cargo on board.  


In case you have shipments that were loaded onboard for this voyage, please understand that the cargo will only be released upon provision of the required security.  


Attached below please find “Standard Instructions” provided by the General Average Adjusters, Richards Hogg Lindley, as follows:  


• General Average Declaration

• General Average & Salvage – Frequently Asked Questions 

• Average Bond

• Insurers’ Average Guarantee

• Standard Form of Non-Separation Agreement


We encourage you to review these documents carefully. In the event that you have any questions regarding the provision of the required security, we invite you to get in touch with Richards Hogg Lindley directly. Their contact details are set out below:  


Richards Hogg Lindley Average Adjusters and Marine Claims Consultants



Parties based in Europe or North America to contact:

Parties based in all other locations to contact:



[email protected]

[email protected]



Richards Hogg Lindley

Richards Hogg Lindley


4th Floor, Royal Liver Building

140 Cecil Street


Liverpool L3 1JH

#15-00 PIL Building


United Kingdom






+44(0)151 227 2175

+65 6506 2897/8


Irrespective of whether or not your cargo is insured, only Richards Hogg Lindley will be in a position to guide you with respect to the provision of the required General Average security.  


ONE North America has set-up a dedicated phone queue to answer questions about cargo and General Average on the Yantian Express. From the United States and Canada, please call our toll-free customer service line 844 413 6029, select Option 2 for Import Services and then Option 3 for information on the Yantian Express.


We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding in this regard.



Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. 


To download this advisory, please click here.